Another Flurry of Action

Another flurry of action this weekend at the Project Emily site.


The Nightingale Electrical team was back making a lot of progress with the electrical. Martina was onsite walking through with Emily’s dad, Rod and Mike from Nightingale making sure all the accessible components were on track and that everything is in place for the lighting design hand selected by Design Lighting and Martina.



Nightingale has spent an extra special amount of time and committed effort to make sure everything is just right for Emily.
Earlier this week, Emily was onsite with Bryan W. from Ashton, going through small – but very important – details, for heights for sinks, taps, shower benches, shower heads… all supplied by B.A Robinson.


A very special thank you to Bryan W. for all his extra care and attention that he has put into getting all the heights just right.


The Ashton team has been on site constantly to oversee a massive amount of details. The Ashton Service Group are experts in every aspect of plumbing, heating, air conditioning, HVAC, you name it, they know it and are here managing it all!



Emily’s dad continued to install Gienow windows, provided by the awesome team at Gienow in Richmond. All the window heights and windows have been carefully selected to provide the right heights for Emily to open them and see out perfectly. A huge thank you to Gienow for their extra work here… this wasn’t easy to achieve. A special thanks to Chris and Doug who have been a tremendous help in making everything right! You guys are awesome.
Grant managed to get all the posts built and installed to!
Coast Mountain Roof Management Ltd. was onsite today and finished the duroid roofing! Amazing how roofing a house makes it look that much more like a home. What an amazing group. Thank you so much for being so efficient and lightning fast!


Piedmont Sheet Metal, was on site Thursday to meet Dave, Bryan and Grant to go over installation of the HVAC and Air Conditioning!
A great bunch of guys from Piedmont Sheet Metal worked real hard at the Emily project Monday and into the evening. They got a lot done and will be back on Wednesday to try and get the rest done. What a formula to calculate air!


Gallagher Brothers was also onsite tonight to! Measuring and calculating for the upcoming drywall install, hopefully at the end of next month!


Picking the Colors

Martina and the De Boer family have been busy for months putting together the total design and color schemes on Project Emily. This week Brian and Martina went to see Doug at Benjamin Moore to confirm the paint color palette. How exciting to have this support. A big thank you to the Benjamin Moore team for being a part of Project Emily! We can’t wait to see it all come together!


The Roofing Has Begun!

How exciting – The roofing has started today – A big thank you to Coast Mountain Roof on site now doing a spectacular job!


Nightingale Electrical’s Power Team

Saturday June 15th

Boxes and potlights started to get installed around 8:00am. The crew of 15 volunteers harmoniously measured, lasered and stringed the fixtures to perfection. Screw guns, circular saws and hammers sounded like a orchestra of production. After 4 very productive hours almost every light, potlight, plug, light switch, fan switch etc. supplied were all installed. Even the drilling of the holes, to make up the wire routes were well underway. Emily’s Dad was there to help anyway he could but other than some minor pieces of blocking and backing, these guys just needed room to do their thing.
A HUGE thank you to the team at Nightingale who were all there volunteering their time to help get the job done !
They say about 2 more days like that and they will be almost done! This is just AWESOME!



Lots of Activity!

A lot of activity at the house for the past few weeks.

Big thank you’s to Nightingale Electric for getting all the electrical underway and The Ashton Group teams that have setup all the ground work for the plumbing and first floor heat! What a team!

More thank you’s this week Lafarge was back pouring first floor concrete and Peak Concrete was there to place it all! And did they ever do a great job!

It is looking amazing and is really starting to take shape. We have had meetings with Nightingale, Pure Image and Smart Tek Communications. These companies are all excited to know what’s needed and are “on” side to get it done. The landscaper has been by to assess the yard and he is working on getting ready when Carrera says it is time to start. A big thank you to the McPhail family for the landscaping support!

Gienow is ready with the windows, so it is full speed ahead. There have been a couple of volunteers that consistently show up and work incredibly hard to make the site a clean and safe one. Thank you to Frank and Tom.

Thanks also to our helpers – that show up to help with all kinds of things – we appreciate your help so much. And another thank you to Disposal King for getting those bins to site to take away all the waste.

You are all amazing and we appreciate your help so much.

More updates soon!


Best of Richmond People


The Trusses Have Started!



Suppliers and Supporters


On A Higher Level

The second level is taking shape.


First Wall Standing

A big thank you to all the contributors! This project is about to get going!


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