What is the vision for A.C.T.?

The vision of A.C.T. is to help people in need, no matter how big or small the initiative. The Ashton Caring Team is meant to engage their employees and cultivate a family and team atmosphere within the company and with the people in the communities Ashton serves. A.C.T. will serve as the liaison and coordinator for the community ventures.

Who is involved with A.C.T.?

A.C.T. is overseen by Brian and Julie Williams, owners of Ashton Service Group who created A.C.T. to foster feelings of community and family with their employees and the neighborhoods Ashton serves. The Ashton Caring Team is led by four dedicated team leaders; Katherina Clemente, Matt Tryhuk, Jeff Petite and Anna Antonio, who bring community initiatives and projects to the attention of their co-workers.

What are A.C.T.’s long term goals?

The long term goals of A.C.T. is to grow this small but strong community-minded employee/volunteer group to one that will eventually include all of Ashton’s employees’ friends and families as well as Ashton’s generous partners and other businesses. Ultimately, A.C.T. would love to be able to help with multiple ventures all across the Lower Mainland and move from project to project, helping as many people they can.

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